How To Choose A Rice Cooker

cheap rice cooker – Choosing a rice cooker really comes down to what exactly the cook wants to do with the rice cooker. Some might think that the obvious thing that a person would do with a rice cooker is to steam rice. This is correct, but there are several other things that a cook can do with a rice cooker. A cook can steam things such as vegetables, and rolls, and pastries. A cook might even want to steam foods, such as dumplings in a rice cooker. So the first thing that someone shopping for a rice cooker needs to do is to determine the purpose of the rice cooker.

Second, once they’ve determined what exactly they’d like to do with the rice cooker, they can then determine the size of the rice cooker that they’d like to buy. If they are simply steaming up some rice for a basic meal, then they would want to buy a cooker that is small, and can easily fit on a counter. However, some people steam up rice for the purpose of using the rice as part of a recipe. Examples of such recipes would be stir-frys or a rice casserole. If this is the case, the cook will probably need a large amount of rice to be cooked. So, they would want to buy a rice cooker that can handle a large amount of rice.

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Crunchy Fried Chicken

This is one of my all time favourites to do, home made take away! Crunchy Fried Chicken, Coleslaw and Chips. It’s a big job, and the larger the family, the more chicken required, but its well worth it.

Mise en place, prepare everything before you start cooking!

Make your coleslaw in advance, and keep it refrigerated. Add the dressing just prior to serving as it will go soggy.
As you will need oil for deep frying the chicken, it makes it rather difficult to fry chips and chicken, so oven baking chips is the simple solution or why ot just pop some rice in your rice cooker?

Using chicken breast, cut tenderloins. Try to cut even thickness but not too thick as it will take longer to cook and have the added risk of it being under cooked. I don’t like using boned chicken for this reason. You can’t over fill the fryer when cooking the chicken so don’t cut the chicken to small either. This creates a lot of extra fiddly work.
I like to marinate my chicken in Sriracha hot chilli sauce. The added flavour is sensational but I find it looses some of its heat once cooked.

1/2 cup self raising flour
1/2 cup corn flour
salt and pepper
enough water to combine and make a thick batter

The flour is a bit of guess work, mine changes each time I make it depending of what is available on the spice shelf. But … Read the rest

Spicy Carrots With CousCous

I feel I have sinned… for I have not posted for almost a week… Not that I didn’t want to… I really did, just the time was not exactly on my side. Days seemed to have shrunk (well the nights too) until this morning I woke up with a bad feeling I’ve let the blog alone for a whole week!..


Ok, really ups… almost depression like ups… such that I had to resolve to some depression curing stuff.  Now, I know you may think I’ve just ran to the first shelf to get some chocolate, cupcakes or any other sweet things I have in there. But no, I have not. First, I had none in my shelves (main reason) and I was far too lazy to walk to the store (secondary reason).

So instead I’ve resolved to some “orange” uplifting medicine. Sounds weird? Allow me to explain.

When I first started to live alone, just around that time I’ve read an article somewhere that orange colour ingredients happen to be a great help with keeping moods ups, especially during dark months (it was autumn back then). True or not, but I’ve spend the next 3 months having “something orange” with almost every meal I took and I’m happy to say my moods were pretty good that year (but who am I to judge..)

Anyway, long story short, ever since I do believe that “orange” like products do miracles when some boost in the mood is needed, and on this … Read the rest

Tomato Capaccio

Last November, I visited Pamplona for a few days, the town in the north of Spain where the running of the bulls takes place.

Though I didn’t see any bulls, I did taste some exceptional dishes.

A few were of a more complex nature, that I’m still preparing to work on, but one was so simple, and so incredibly good, that I’ve been having it almost weekly ever since. Now, if you hear the name tomato carpaccio and it does not send a wave shivers I don’t blame you. Before tasting the tomato carpaccio in Spain, I’d seen it a couple of times featuring on the menus in restaurants or in some recipe books, but they have never sounded tempting enough for me to go ahead and try them.

Probably I wouldn’t have ordered it there either, but we had a chef’s choice tasting menu, so everything I got that evening was a little surprise. For starters, I should say, that I have a little addiction to beef carpaccio. Usually, when I’m in a new place and it’s on the menu, it is one of the first things I would go for, so when I saw the waiter from far away bringing something that looked like beef of veal carpaccio, I was very exited.

When the plate landed in front of me and I saw it was tomato carpaccio, I was very disappointed. However, when I took the first bite of it, I have to say it couldn’t have been better. The tomato … Read the rest

Tasty King Crab

The case for eating seafood is a good one as Alice from Maresca Fish, Scottish seafood suppliers based in Aberdeen explains. Not only is it tasty but it is healthy too. King Crab recipes are imaginative and there are many superb ideas for appetizers, main courses or as tidbits to hand out at parties. Crab meat is an excellent source of protein and can be incorporated into a low fat diet.

There are two major resources for this kind of food, Norway and Alaska. Both regions will produce the finest quality King Crab recipe, especially when combined with other fresh ingredients. The crab meat is a good accompaniment to most salad ingredients and vegetables and can also be combined with other seafood. There are so many ways to enjoy King Crab recipes, in wrap sandwiches, quiche, dipping sauces, and dumplings.

The Norwegian King Crab has become very popular in up market restaurants in the US and the UK. Stocks are abundant and it is hoped that the demand for this food will grow as other fish species dwindle.

An example of a Norwegian dish is Norwegian Red King Crab with White Halibut. When frying the halibut and crab meat, add lemon juice, garlic, rosemary and butter. Parties go with a zing with mango cubes filled with crab meat with a layer of salmon roe. They are colorful as well as full of flavor. Kebabs with salad are great fun too. Fry the crab meat, and toss the lettuce in olive … Read the rest