How To Choose A Rice Cooker

cheap rice cooker – Choosing a rice cooker really comes down to what exactly the cook wants to do with the rice cooker. Some might think that the obvious thing that a person would do with a rice cooker is to steam rice. This is correct, but there are several other things that a cook can do with a rice cooker. A cook can steam things such as vegetables, and rolls, and pastries. A cook might even want to steam foods, such as dumplings in a rice cooker. So the first thing that someone shopping for a rice cooker needs to do is to determine the purpose of the rice cooker.

Second, once they’ve determined what exactly they’d like to do with the rice cooker, they can then determine the size of the rice cooker that they’d like to buy. If they are simply steaming up some rice for a basic meal, then they would want to buy a cooker that is small, and can easily fit on a counter. However, some people steam up rice for the purpose of using the rice as part of a recipe. Examples of such recipes would be stir-frys or a rice casserole. If this is the case, the cook will probably need a large amount of rice to be cooked. So, they would want to buy a rice cooker that can handle a large amount of rice.

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Rice cookers can be made very simplistic. The most basic models are small, and have a clear lid. Most come with a paddle for stirring, and fluffing up the rice. These are good for the cook that simply wants a bowl of rice, or wants to use the rice as a side dish. There are larger, more advanced models that may even be computerized. These again are good for cooks serving up serious meals.

Here is something to thing about when a cook is preparing rice in a rice cooker. A common concern is how much liquid should be used when steaming the rice. A good trick is to add the dry rice in the bottom of the pot. Then, put your pointer finger in the bottom of the pot, before you start cooking. Then fill the pot with water up to a little over the first line of your finger. If you do this, you will have enough water to steam a good pot of rice.

Rice cookers can be inexpensive, or quite the investment. If a shopper goes for the inexpensive model, they should expect the rice cooker to be very basic. The inexpensive model might not have a non-stick coating either. This doesn’t matter for some shoppers. All of these concerns are very much up to the needs of the shopper.

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